Quality Issues

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Rust Hunter
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Quality Issues

Postby johnnyj » 05 Mar 2019 19:50

Hi folks

As some may know I am restoring a '77 Speke-built FHC and enjoying it very much. I come across many items in the rebuild which make me think "why did they build it like that?". However there's nothing really so far which makes me shudder.

I have been reading David Knowles' book which wonderfully chronicles the story of the TR7's development and he talks a lot about quality issues in the early days, but is a bit short on detail. Sure, we all know the headlamp motors needed sealing, the headlamps were temperamental and the A-pillar trims don't fit, but I wonder what specifically were the original pre-launch and immediately post-launch quality issues? I'd love to know what else didn't fit, or work, or broke off, or failed in those early months. For example, Mr Knowles illustrates the problem with the US press launch cars and describes how they had to cobble together something like 17 cars for review from a total of c30 shipped, but doesn't really go into detail.

It would be great to hear about which welds, panels, trim, switches, engine components etc were troublesome.

Likewise it would be fascinating to learn about which items got modified due to those early problems, aside from the obvious like the 5 speed gearbox etc.

Hopefully the TR7 historians can fill in!


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Re: Quality Issues

Postby FI Spyder » 06 Mar 2019 14:45

It would be interested to find out but I suspect you would have to interview the people from Bob Tullius's crew that did the work 44 years ago. It wasn't to find out what had to be corrected at the factory, it was to get as many press cars ready for the road as possible in a very limited amount of time so I'll bet nothing was documented.
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Re: Quality Issues

Postby John_C » 17 Mar 2019 08:27

Now an interview with Bob Tullius would really be something special. Imagine that!
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Re: Quality Issues

Postby Beans » 17 Mar 2019 16:12

johnnyj wrote: ... It would be great to hear about which welds, panels, trim, switches, engine components etc were troublesome ...

Looking at my current project ('76 FHC) I get the impression that overal quality control was lacking badly @ Speke, resulting in appalling panel fits.
More info in my blog ( and in particular the posts FHC resto nr. 10 - 16.
This car's body had seen almost no welding in the past. Also no accident damage that could have caused the bad body parts fit.

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