An old friend returns.

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An old friend returns.

Postby Hasbeen » 22 Jul 2018 04:50

Dropped into a local old fashioned clutch & brake specialist in the local town the other day. This bloke has a gaggle of Triumphs, including a nice Sprint he recently finished restoring.

As he does work for other Triumph owners it was not surprising to see there was a rather nice looking red/orange TR7 DHC there. On closer inspection I found it was the fuel injected Sprint engined 7 that Stag 76 built a few years back.

A nice car, I had a strong urge to buy it when he decided to sell it. Fortunately someone from Rockhampton, a city almost 700 kilometres north of Brisbane bought it while I was thinking about it. How many 7s does one man need?

Someone from another near by city has bought it, returning to it's rebirth area.

Nice to see one that is really getting used.


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