TR7 Tyre Pressure Label in Glovebox

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TR7 Tyre Pressure Label in Glovebox

Postby XSeries » 26 May 2018 00:10

Does anyone have one of these from a late Speke / early Canley car for the 185/70 tyres rather than the early 175/70 tyres?

I am trying to find the part number - ZKC???

A photo would be appreciated if anyone has this?

It is unlikely to be the later Solihull car part number ZKC2601, but with BL you never know! The only part number in most catalogues is ZKC 624 - but there is no differentiation for the TR8 and the HR tyres that was fitted with!


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Re: TR7 Tyre Pressure Label in Glovebox

Postby Sautie » 26 May 2018 09:38

I have got a BL US Leaflet AKM 4153/2 Entitled TR7 Consumer Information It gives the following Tyre info:-
Front lb/in2 5 Spd 185/70SR-13 24 Automatic 175/70SR 24
Rear lb /in2 5 Spd 185/70 SR -13 28 Automatic 175/70SR 28

I also have BL US Maintenance Handbook AKM 8007/79 that has the same info as shown above but for the TR8 quotes the tyres ( in correct English spelling) as 185/70 HR.
This book is the same format as the Owners Handbook and states that it should be used in conjunction with the Owners Handbook. It contains much more info and unlike the Owners Handbook it includes engine info and maintenance for both the TR7 engine and that of the TR8.

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Re: TR7 Tyre Pressure Label in Glovebox

Postby supercass » 26 May 2018 18:07

185/70/13's were fitted to the alloys. I have never seen an updated factory sticker and AFAIK they were not a statutory requirement in the U.K. so I just assumed they were never fitted and were never made as factory. My car did not have a sticker when new.
When you consider (I stand to be corrected) that the floor mat clips were not even raised to allow the wider wheel / tyre combination to be placed in the spare wheel well and permit the floor mat to be reliably and securely fastened it seems such things would have been low priority at the time. supercass

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Re: TR7 Tyre Pressure Label in Glovebox

Postby REPLIC8 » 31 May 2018 19:52

Hi Brian,
Just checked my early Canley car. The part number on the sticker (which is original) is indeed ZKC2601 and is for 185/70 SR13 tyres. Also says TR7 2V.

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