Easy steer not centering properly

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Easy steer not centering properly

Postby Cab2john » 17 Aug 2020 17:24

Hi all, I have fitted an "Easysteer" system to my 80 dhc 2.0L.
It works well apart from not self centering properly, is it an alignment issue ( the bulkhead bearing does squeak sometimes) or is it a lack of caster angle. I fitted an additional brace to the motor to stiffen the assy, so might have caused an issue with alignment. Any ideas?

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Re: Easy steer not centering properly

Postby kstrutt1 » 17 Aug 2020 18:41

Did it steer and centre before you fitted the easy steer?

If so it can't be caster related.

Even a small amount of friction in the column will also affect its centreing. So you should address this. Try silicone lube on the bulkhead bush. There should be no side load on the shaft, if there is adjust the mountings and use washers as packing to make sure there is no tension in each one.

I'm not sure what type of assist unit you have but some do have a centre position as well if so this needs to be aligned with the vehicle straight ahead.

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Re: Easy steer not centering properly

Postby busheytrader » 17 Aug 2020 22:06

Hi, I assume the nylon steering column bush in the bulkhead has been replaced with a poly item.

The nylon item in my DHC disintegrated a few years ago and I replaced it with a poly bush. As per kstrutt, it promoted steering stiction especially as it warmed up under use. I used a thick sticky clear silicon grease / gel ( available in small sachet) and it freed up immediately. It only cost a few pounds and I've not had to reapply it since.

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