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Glass Fuses

Posted: 25 Jul 2016 00:04
by bottomtop
This might not be an issue for those of you in the UK, but here in the land down under, getting replacement "lucas" style glass fuses is a real PITA because of their 29mm size.

Anyhow, after zero success with local parts suppliers and repairers, I have discovered that a company called DURITE that makes them, and they can be purchased online including on e-bay. The company is an English company but who knows where the product is made.

So if you need fuses outside of the UK, just search for "durite 29mm glass fuse" on google or ebay and you should be ok. Just make sure you don't get confused by the blow rating and the constant current rating.

Re: Glass Fuses

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 03:56
by UKPhilTR7
I must admit, that I have been playing with the idea of changing the fuse box to a new one that can take blade fuses. The issue that i could see is that there was not a blade fuse box that had enough slots/connectors needed.

Re: Glass Fuses

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 16:44
by dursleyman
Pretty certain I have seen some threads on here from folks who have replaced their fuse box with something more modern. Suggest running a search and see what it turns up.

Re: Glass Fuses

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 21:00
by saabfast
Can't remember how many in a TR7 offhand (but I think they varied), but Vehicle Wiring Products do a 16 way one which can be extended with modules if you need more. ... y-fuse-box