new master cylinder reservoir

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new master cylinder reservoir

Postby navydiver » 02 May 2016 21:53

Does anyone know if you can buy these? I have 5 perfectly serviceable master cylinders in need of a new reservoir. Can't find them listed anywhere but I guess AP Girling still make them for the refurbished ones that seem to come up on Ebay. If they aren't available could be a good part to have remanufactured.
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Re: new master cylinder reservoir

Postby saabfast » 02 May 2016 22:24

When I fitted an uprated servo/master cylinder from S&S some 5-6 years ago (think it was a Sherpa unit, bought after problems with a recon cylinder) it came without a reservoir, I assumed because the TR7 one is wedge shaped. The TR7 one slotted in OK. Might be worth trying S&S or Robsport for a secondhand one. James Paddock show a new Lucas TRW mastercylinder complete with reservoir but not the reservoir alone. Might also be worth calling TRW?
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Re: new master cylinder reservoir

Postby dursleyman » 03 May 2016 00:03

I came across this picture which I think is an MGB that appears to be using a TR7 reservoir so it might pay to look around.


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