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Unleaded Gasoline Only - Rear Window - Stickers Available

Posted: 22 Mar 2016 21:31
by rugbyref1
Following hot on the heels Ian Freeman's Instrument panel sticker is the latest re-made part.

This is the rear window sticker placed on the inside of coupe rear windows - note these are stuck to the inside and not 'cling' transfers ... as per the originals (the only difference is that the re-made ones are double-inked in order to make sure the colour is opaque and not fade as fast as the BL ones).

They are available at £5.00 each + postage .. email if you'd like one - note there will be only one batch made in 2016. Depending on how well these and Ian Freeman's stickers go will depend on whether we continue reproducing items ... so if you want to put one into stock then it might be an idea...