Had a good drive recently?

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Had a good drive recently?

Postby Hasbeen » 18 Oct 2020 03:29

Just thought I'd drop this in here, it's a copy of my post in the local club forum.

So after a couple of weeks letting her just sit, I took the Triumph TR7 for a constitutional this morning. After a bit of main roads I took Biddaddaba Creek Rd, then turned into Wonglepong Rd, I kid you not, those are the names on the road signs. Biddaddaba Creek Rd is a narrow little back road, the black stuff only wide enough for 2 cars to pass where it is widened over the blind crests, & there are plenty of them.

Wonglepong Rd is a roughish dirt road in it's western half, great fun for sliding the back of your 7 around, & with the cloud of dust you raise, no chance of being followed with in a kilometre or so. However right at the entrance to the Polo club grounds, it magically becomes beautifully smooth hot mix, with lovely swoopy curves from there to the main road. Not really that good for polo ponies in their luxury trucks, but brilliant in a TR7.

The polo club was in full swing. I have not seen so many luxury horse trucks & huge goose neck floats, even at the Royal Easter show.

Arrived home with one of those ear to ear grins, that take hours to erase, with a dusty 7, & at peace with the world. Yes I know I should have been flying my RC planes, it's a lovely still day, but with 34C temperature today, I'll leave it for just before dusk.


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Re: Had a good drive recently?

Postby Beans » 25 Oct 2020 15:58

In semi lock down over here, so "unnecessary" travel is discouraged.
And all pubs and restaurants are closed too ... :sad:
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Re: Had a good drive recently?

Postby Howard_B » 25 Oct 2020 18:24

We had a nice little drive around Cambridgeshire ending up at a local hostelry for couple of beers a few weeks back. Youtube link :-



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