Aviation Gasket Sealant

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Re: Aviation Gasket Sealant

Postby UKPhilTR7 » 28 Nov 2020 20:21

To tell you the truth Has been I have not had the pump off yet to check it. I was thinking of taking it off and having a look but not checked for cracks or the diaphragm. I must admit that I still ling the idea of the electric upgrade and too true Beans, the extra wire would be a good winter project. I have been looking all around but I must admit that this one is catching my eye:

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Re: Aviation Gasket Sealant

Postby Beans » 28 Nov 2020 21:50

You'll need a good quality pressure regulator with these. Don't ask me why I know :P
And a good size filter between pump and tank won't harm either.
But better follow Russ' advice in your other thread. This choice is overkill for a standard engine.
And it looks like a cheap copy of the original Facet pumps.
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Re: Aviation Gasket Sealant

Postby dmtrmp6 » 28 Nov 2020 23:54

Concur Theo's latest advice (overkill). See comments on your other 'fuel pump' post. Rgds, DM

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Re: Aviation Gasket Sealant

Postby supercass » 25 Dec 2020 12:53

Is the aviation gasket sealant ethanol proof? supercass

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Re: Aviation Gasket Sealant

Postby Cobber » 26 Dec 2020 02:12

Here's the link for the technical data sheet:
I gather that you're concern is with the fuel/ethanol blends.
I doubt that the smaller percentages of say 10% used in the typical blend won't have any appreciable effect on the gasket sealant but I would be wary of using it on high percentage mixes or straight ethanol.
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