Window wipers

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Window wipers

Postby UKPhilTR7 » 01 Oct 2019 21:00

The other day I went to put my window wipers on and the first speed was really slow and the second speed stopped totally.

I know that it is more than likely the grease in the wiper motor and the rod that needs to be cleaned and changed.

However, I was wondering if there are any upgrades that we can use to replace the old window wiper system? I was also thinking of replacing the arms to the 'U' type so new wipers can be used.

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Re: Window wipers

Postby busheytrader » 02 Oct 2019 14:21

Hi Phil,

I had the same issue except next to nothing happened on 1st speed, very slow on 2nd speed then a marginal improvement with the engine running and water on the screen. :)

Cleaning up all the electrical connections including the wiper switch, connector blocks and earth made a big improvement, replacing the grease less so.

IIRC the insides of the wiper stalk were a giant pain in the arse as they pinged out and were a pig to put back in correctly. The connector under the bonnet to the wiper motor was the most corroded. Cleaning the copper in this made eighty percent of the improvement. I could only access the wiper parking switch with the motor removed. I adjusted it with light taps on the casing with a wooden ruler as opposed to undoing the tiny adjustment screws.

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Triumph TR7 Window wipers

Postby FI Spyder » 02 Oct 2019 15:25

I never had a problem with wiper speeds although I did pull the wiper rack, clean and regrease (with clear synthetic grease) as a matter of course in the first winter of operation (2006/7). I replaced the blades with refills from a major brand. I had to adjust the parking switch the next spring when pulling the rack again to reinforce solder a strap over a cracked switch activation tab. Everything was fine until last year (2018) when after using them one evening, they would not turn off until after a few swipes to never the next day until I switch the ignition off. A parking switch adjustment cured this, you have to loosen the motor but not take out to access the adjustment screws. After 12 years I orders wipers for the arms from specialist suppliers but they didn't include the integral pins. I understand they are available from the internet as a separate piece. Haven't looked into this yet. The wipers are a reliable piece of kit but any electrical connection will corrode over time, even in a dry environment (it just takes longer). Any corrosion (dry or otherwise) will drop the voltage/amperage until the part doesn't work right. Clean and dielectric grease.
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