Respray in what paint ?

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smoking joe
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Respray in what paint ?

Postby smoking joe » 03 Nov 2018 15:34

My car was originally Poseidon green, with the PO giving it a DIY BRG respray, but I want to
return it to the original in the spring.

My question is what would it have been out of the factory, base coat and clear or cellulose metallic ?

I would like to spray it at home ( competent DIY sprayer, with equip), but what option would be best, I believe you can still get
celly metallic, not sure about the base coat or indeed if you can use this at home.

2 pack would be most durable modern option I think, but cannot do that at home.

Help appreciated.

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Re: Respray in what paint ?

Postby darrellw » 04 Nov 2018 00:21

Many Wedges were painting in TPA:

I believe single stage urethane will probably come the closest to looking like the original paint. Base/clear is easier to paint, especially with metallics.
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